Faith, life and theology: Introducing the basics of Christian belief
This course invites the student into the amazing world of Christian theology where they will learn the basic doctrines – what they are, how they work and why they matter. The course equips the students with the foundational knowledge to navigate the theological world and key insights they can expand by further theological studies. The course provides a basic introduction to the main areas of systematic theology, their historical backgrounds and current forms. It gives an overview of the basic theological doctrines that characterizes the Christian faith, such as the image of God and the Trinity, the doctrines of Christ (Christology), the Holy Spirit (pneumatology), salvation (soteriology), the church (ecclesiology) and of the last things (eschatology). Particular attention is given to the importance and relevance of theological studies for the Christian life and ministry.

General information

Applications for this summer’s courses are now closed.

During the summer of 2021 one of our online courses will be given in English. The study period is 14th of June to the 20th of August.

The course is at university level and if passed gives university credits. General entry requirements are required for admittance. The study pace is 50% over a ten week period and gives 7.5 ECTS-credits. You will be provided with pre-recorded lectures and largely have the possibility to plan your studies as you please.

The student is required to read the course literature and will be provided with a suggested reading plan, including links to the accompanying pre-recorded lectures. Course communication with teachers, links to recordings and other information will be made available on the digital learning platform Itslearning. A certain level of computer literacy is required.

Swedish residents are eligible for Swedish student finance. For information in English:

There is no course fee for this course.

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Am I eligible to apply to online summer courses?

ALT’s online summer courses are university level courses (first cycle). General entry requirements for Swedish higher education are applicable. For more information please see:

Prior learning and exemptions from formal entry requirements

You may be considered eligible for the course despite the fact you don’t meet the formal entry requirements. This can be done by referring to your accumulated competence, if you document it completely and clearly. Prior learning can be for example the knowledge and experiences you’ve acquired from your work life, work in associations, longer periods of time abroad or from different courses you’ve studied. In order to apply for studies based on your prior learning, you must submit a letter and documentation that shows what accumulated competence you have. Submit the letter to your application.

How to apply

You will need to attach documents that verify your eligibility with the application. The documentation provided must be translated into Swedish or English. Unfortunately, our application form is only in Swedish. If you are not able to apply using the provided form because of this, please call or email us for further assistance. email: or telephone: (+46) 019-30 77 50. 

Applications for this summer’s courses are now closed. A notice of acceptance will be sent as soon as the applications have been processed, and latest by the 4th of June.